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HELLO READERS! As you may have read, I am a slacker who is trying to change. Here is my first attempt.

I’ve decided that I’m going to name my weekdays as a reminder of what needs to get done that day. (Outside of the normal chores of course.)

Mommy Mondays
Trashy Tuesday
Washroom Wednesday
Throughways Thursday
Finance friday
Shopping Saturday
Funday Sunday

What this means to me:

On Monday’s, they suck the most, I am not required to do anything outside of normal chores. Don’t ask, the answer is no!

On Tuesdays I will clean out the fridge of uneaten left overs and accidental science projects, empty all of the trash cans in the house and haul it all out to the road for pickup early Wednesday morning. That will keep the fridge clean and the bathroom trash cans from over flowing.

On Wednesdays its clean the washrooms day! Yeah! NOT! But cleaning the bathrooms is something that needs to be done weekly in my house in order for them to look and smell sanitary. (I am the only girl in the house) I started this one last week, it took 2 nights to clean the master bath. This week I don’t think will be that bad. The boy’s bathroom, I think I need a biohazard suit! YUCK! Boys are G-R-O-S-S!!!

Thursday is the day I will run through the house as a “guest”. Any where I might go will get a quick pickup. This process starts outside. I want my guests to be greeted outside with a tidy welcoming feeling. (My garage is where everyone comes into my house, it needs an overhaul bad! Winter was far too long!)

Finance Friday means that I need to get the business paperwork done for the week. I will be playing catch up for a while but I will overcome!

Shopping Saturdays is not all fun and games. I know, major bummer. This is to remind me that I need to pick up groceries every week. And, as Sobomama keeps telling me, spend my budget every week and eventually my budget can go down.

Sunday is for family fun. Spending time with the boys doing whatever comes to mind.

This may seem silly, but if I can keep in mind that these are the things I need to get done outside of dishes and laundry and vacuuming etc. Maybe it will be easier for me to keep up. Do you have any suggestions for me? I’m open.


I always have the best intentions. I have a list, lots of them, and I plan to blog about projects and post pics. Unfortunately, I’m a slacker.

I fail to estimate the right amount of time each project will take me, and when it’s not completed when I thought, I don’t post about my progress. I guess I’m trying to hide my slacker tendencies. I don’t particularly like to fail and I most certainly do not like others to know about such failures!

So I decided to myself out there to all of you. I AM A SLACKER! I FAIL! ALOT!

Is it a reason to give up, NO.

My resolutions for 2013 have all come up short. I keep working towards them, but I really haven’t made much progress with any of them. I made it all of 3 weeks before I picked up smoking again. I have lost zero pounds and truthfully, I think I might have gained a few.

I did get the loft beds built for the boys and their rooms cleaned up. It is a struggle to have them keep them clean but I continue reminding them of the importance. I did take pics but they are still on the camera.

Their bedrooms puked everything they didn’t want back in their rooms into my living room, so it is now storage central. Packed to the brim with boxes, books and movies. I look at it everyday, stare at it really and think…where am I supposed to start?

And now the weather is finally breaking and I don’t even want to be in the house. The projects outside are calling me and I feel guilty leaving behind a beaten, battered and dirty house.

It’s a constant struggle to keep up with the laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming all while working full time (not that this is news). I add all of these projects to my lists knowing there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. And then I realize that there is, that I am simply a slacker. And that a pity party is not going to get it done either. I scatter my time, a little on this project, a little on that one. Hoping that one day, they will be completed. I think about this while I sit in the chair, looking at my home, T.V blaring some show I’m not even interested in watching.

The truth is………..I’m a slacker.

But today, today it changes!

It’s okay to be a slacker, don’t feel bad about it. I don’t. But I want to be a better me, so I am making chages, taking steps and moving forward!

Here it is. Spring time again. Time for all of us to embrace the spring cleaning craze. Why is it that we all want to make updates and changes to the inside of our homes when what we really want is to be outside in the sunshine?

Maybe it’s because we are all stuck inside during the cold winter months and we want to spruce it up. Maybe we are tired of looking at the same old thing day after day after day. Maybe it’s the tax returns.

At my house, we are still getting snow. Cabin fever has set in and is working overtime. We haven’t even had a decent enough day to open the windows and air out the house. I’ve been out to inspect the gardens in search of the early spring crocus blooms and have found a couple. The tulips have started their journey in search of sun and I so desperately want to rake away the leaves from fall and clean up the gardens, lay down mulch and till up the veggie garden, but I know I cannot. I’m afraid the lingering cold temps and impending threat of more snow might damage the young growth. So I go back inside and sit and contemplate inside projects.

This is the list:
1. Build loft beds for both boys to increase usable space in their rooms.
2. Complete little man’s redesign with a few decorations and putting the chosen toys back in there. (Thus
removing them from the living room!)
3. Unused toys will be sorted and a select few will be stored in the living room for visiting children.
4. Build shelves for toy storage in the living room.
5. Repaint the kitchen/dining/living room.
6. Tile backsplash project in kitchen.
7. Build nooks on either side of the sliding glass door to create launch pads.

The list is actually longer, but I have decided that the remaining items will wait until late summer or fall. I just want the main part of the house in order before we stop spending any real time in there. Most of the items on my list will improve function and eliminate the clutter that has been plaguing me all winter and hopefully reduce the required cleaning on a daily basis.

Don’t judge me, I did said “hopefully”. I have no delusions that anyone other than me will end up utilizing the storage solutions provided.

I believe that the supplies needed for the building projects (minus the backsplash) will be purchased this weekend. I will post updates as we go, pictures included. I plan on completing the repainting before the newly built storage items are installed so I guess it’s time for a trip to Menards for the paint.

What’s on your list while we wait for the real arrival of Spring?

I have inspired!

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Chaos, Family
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It looks as though I may have inspired my husband to declutter his barns.  Yes, it is plural.  He has 3!  36×80, 24x26ish and 24x24ish.  And they are all jam packed full of stuff.  Not mine.  I was given rights to the 2 car attached garage, which I really have rights to park my jeep in and keep some yard tools.  He has managed to take over the majority of the rest.

He has, however, managed to fill the yard with everything that was in the barn.  Making it look like a bad episode of hoarders. He found that a lot of the items aren’t even ours, but a culmination of items left by friends. It’s a disaster!  The good news problem is that is that he has to complete this project by the end of today because it is scheduled to rain all night!

I find it very theraputic to purge. It’s euphoric in a way, because it seems as though all of those things, well, they weigh you down.  With each room I complete, I feel lighter. And seeing the room clean in every way, with each item in it own space, not hidden behind things that did not hold meaning, is like nothing else.  (yes, I have a bit of CDO)

I keep the back to basics theory in my head while I purge and declutter.  Items that may hold a meaning, but no purpose, are sent on to others to spread joy.  I take a picture of the item if I really find it hard to let it go and that way I know I will always have a piece of it to hold dear.  We all grow and change throughout time, and those items lose their purpose.  It’s okay to let it go.  And keeping only the items that have purpose in my life right now, or the lives of family, it part of getting back to basics. 

I’ve decided to share a tip with each blog, so my tip today is about the basics. 


Take 10 minutes and go into your kitchen.  The challenge is to find 5 things that you have not used in a long time.  Put those 5 items into a box. Tape the box shut and put that days date on the top with the word “kitchen”.  Place that box in the bottom of the closet, in the garage, any where you won’t lose it.  Do this with each room of your house, creating a new box for each room.  1 a day until all the rooms have 5 items removed and boxed up.  In 6 months, if you have not opened the box to look for an item, take the boxes, still sealed, and deliver to a donation center.  More than likely, you will have no idea what you put in the box, keep it that way. 

Good Luck!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging all summer.  I have been trying to manage time better, but I haven’t had much luck.  😦

I started the summer with the intent to get back to the basics.  I have had some luck with that, but I have also had some bad luck as well.

The garden:

It started out beautiful! I created a defined space and planted in an eye pleasing and functional design. I kept it weeded and it was all going so well.  And then the seeds started to pop.  I was so very excited!   I then noticed an error on my part….the bad luck I had in previous years (which is why I gave up before) was not the case this year.  Normally, I have a very hard time with cucumbers, the plants would die and I would not have enough cucumbers for a family who LOVES them… I planted seeds instead of plants this year.  A whole package per trellace!  They ALL grew! Over population is not a good thing!  Trying but not devasting….until all my plants we about 3 weeks old.

At this point, all my plants except those to the far right of the garden started to yellow. I was lost….I had never had this problem before.  I fertilized appropriately from the very beginning, there were no weeds sucking the life from my plants, and yet the shaded ones on the far right were dark green lucious and growing at a rate that more than doubled that of the rest.  It was a unseasonably hot summer, so I blammed that.  I was wrong.  The dirt we brought in, had zero nutrients!  So after talking to a local farmer or two, we got the right fertilizer.  They started to green up again, but they were stunted and the fruits of my garden were limited.  I was sad.  And then we got rain! And the weeds decided that the fertilizer we put down was just what they needed.  And that was the end of my poor garden.  We got a few tomatoes and a few squash, a couple of cucumbers and 1 b

I have not forgotten about my blog.  I have been trying to figure out how to post pics into my posts from my iphone…..but I have given up on that pipe dream! LOL!

We have recently replaced our out dated computer so I currently have no photos on the computer I use at home. I will, however, download my phone to the new computer this weekend as well as my camera in an attempt to make my blog a little more visually appealing.  And I will post an update post, just one, that will cover all the things I am trying new this year.

I have a pic of the shrimp kabobs I cooked last week. They looked awesome, and the flavor was great….but my family is not a shrimp kabob kind of group, and the kabobs will not make it into the family recipe book. 😦  I will however keep it on hand for me!  I am a shrimp lover!

I also have pics of the garden! It’s beautiful! And since it is part of the getting back to basics program, I feel I need to share those too!

So I have not forgotten, the electronics are causing a delay!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their mother’s day! My family decided to work together and build a garden space for me to have my garden back! I am soooo excted about it…and so are the kids. 🙂 Awesome mother’s day present if you ask me!

So I’ve been cooking again! I forgot how much I loved it! Seeing everyone with smiles on thier face gobbling up everything on their plate….telling me that it needs to be added to the family recipe book. 

They have enjoyed it sooo much, that when I said I would like to go out for mothers day….they were sad! That’s okay! So we made Mom’s awesome burgers on the grill! Nothing special really, I cook the bacon on the grill with the burgers so they get a bit of the bacon flavor. Not as good as adding the bacon to the burger when you make them…but good none the less.

Tonight for dinner we are going to have shrimp kabobs. Veggies separate from the shrimp of course! It’s funny, the boys don’t ask to go out to dinner anymore. I guess I’m doing something right! I will post the turn out with some pics tomorrow. I think I’m finally finding my way back to the basics…and I am soooo much happier for it!

Another shout out to for the inspiration!