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HELLO READERS! As you may have read, I am a slacker who is trying to change. Here is my first attempt.

I’ve decided that I’m going to name my weekdays as a reminder of what needs to get done that day. (Outside of the normal chores of course.)

Mommy Mondays
Trashy Tuesday
Washroom Wednesday
Throughways Thursday
Finance friday
Shopping Saturday
Funday Sunday

What this means to me:

On Monday’s, they suck the most, I am not required to do anything outside of normal chores. Don’t ask, the answer is no!

On Tuesdays I will clean out the fridge of uneaten left overs and accidental science projects, empty all of the trash cans in the house and haul it all out to the road for pickup early Wednesday morning. That will keep the fridge clean and the bathroom trash cans from over flowing.

On Wednesdays its clean the washrooms day! Yeah! NOT! But cleaning the bathrooms is something that needs to be done weekly in my house in order for them to look and smell sanitary. (I am the only girl in the house) I started this one last week, it took 2 nights to clean the master bath. This week I don’t think will be that bad. The boy’s bathroom, I think I need a biohazard suit! YUCK! Boys are G-R-O-S-S!!!

Thursday is the day I will run through the house as a “guest”. Any where I might go will get a quick pickup. This process starts outside. I want my guests to be greeted outside with a tidy welcoming feeling. (My garage is where everyone comes into my house, it needs an overhaul bad! Winter was far too long!)

Finance Friday means that I need to get the business paperwork done for the week. I will be playing catch up for a while but I will overcome!

Shopping Saturdays is not all fun and games. I know, major bummer. This is to remind me that I need to pick up groceries every week. And, as Sobomama keeps telling me, spend my budget every week and eventually my budget can go down.

Sunday is for family fun. Spending time with the boys doing whatever comes to mind.

This may seem silly, but if I can keep in mind that these are the things I need to get done outside of dishes and laundry and vacuuming etc. Maybe it will be easier for me to keep up. Do you have any suggestions for me? I’m open.


I know that life is a challenge, but sometimes I just wish I could have a day where nothing bothered me and my life was like an episode of Leave It To Beaver.

My dream day:

I would wake up to a house that was clean, some laundry waiting to be washed and hung on the line. Dishes that were washed the night before that need to be put away. Everyone in the house still asleep.

I would start the coffee and take a nice hot shower, no rushing. I would get out, dress in comfortable clothes, house still asleep, husband starting to wake. Brush and dry my hair, put on what little makeup I wear and brush my teeth.

By this time the hubby would be awake and getting dressed himself after which we would meet in the kitchen for a quiet cup of coffee together, maybe even sipping it on the porch swing. Soon after, joyful children would emerge from their rooms looking for food.   A family breakfast of real food (not cereal) would complete the morning.

My real Day:

I hop out of bed usually 15 minutes later than I actually want to get up, pee and hit the shower. Completing the task in less than 10 minutes. Shake husband again and remind him that it is his job to wake the boys. Quickly dress into a suit and high heels while I trip over dirty clothes strewn across the room. Blow dry hair while brushing teeth, put on eye liner, forget deodorant, grab phone, and ask husband, (who has returned to bed) if he made the coffee.  Which he answers…No. 

Run to the kitchen reminding the older child we need to leave in 5 while he finishes his bowl of cereal, start coffee, feed dogs, shake child #2 to wake him, all while strategically placing my feet in the spaces of the floor not covered in legos, back packs, blankets, sweat shirts and my husbands wonderfully scented socks. I then rinse my unwashed travel mug and refill with coffee rushing out the door while yelling “I love you! See you after work!”

I’ve decided to get back to the basics! Life in general is far to complicated to add to it any more. Here is my plan of attack:

1. I love to cook! So to get back to this joy, each week I will try a new recipe from the many delicious ones listed on  I love her blog and her food is always a big hit with the family!

2. I love being out doors. I am going to only turn the TV on if it is raining or dark outside! I can lounge on the swing if I am too tired to work in the yard. 😉  and maybe read a book!?!

3. I am going to plant a garden that is not only functional, but pretty as well! And maybe learn to can my veggies!

4. And in memory of my Pa….I will take my boys fishing, at least twice a month.

5. I am going to buy myself a bicycle! So I can ride with the boys and get some exercise too!

I can spend all my time worrying about tomorrow or I can enjoy today while I have it. I think I can find balance again if I start putting a little more fun on the other side of the scale. Wish me Luck!  🙂

My day started as planned. Buscuits and gravy for breakfast. Breakfast cooked, family fed and happy, now time to start the day.

Our plan was to go and look at new laptops as our 6 year old walmart model is on its last leg. Our business can not take a crash now that it is such an integral part of it. As my husband lay on the bed, over full from such a wonderful breakfast, I started a load of towels in the washer. I turned to him to tell him to get dressed so we could get done with errands early and have the afternoon to spend doing fun things with our boys when I heard it.

Gajug, gajug, gajug……eeeeehhhhh, gajug, gajug, eeeehhhhh! I said to my husband…”are you telling me we are going to have to…” and as I turned to the washer for what I thought was going to be a balancing of the load, I saw the smoke. Frantically I rushed to it pulling buttons and cords trying to turn it off. He jumped to the fuse box flipping breakers until he found the right one. Smoke filled the house in 30 seconds flat!

The boys ran through the house screaming “FIRE – FIRE – FIRE! Everyone out! Call 9-1-1!” As the alarms started sounding off through out the house. Driving us crazy of course, but creating terror in the boys. So they ran through, but not out. Jumping and figiting all over in the tiny room that housed the machine. Four people do not fit in that space.

We began to open doors and windows to air out the gray, horribly scented smoke and started to assess the situation. We have done several repairs to the unit in last few years, it is 6 years old and was not a top of the line set to begin with. It would be nice to just replace the washer seeing as it was the only one that was broke, but it was a stackable unit. NOT a possibility for us. UGH!

I removed the large load of soaked towels from the washer and placed them in the tub. My youngest underfoot trying to help with the task when in reality, he was just trying to get wet from the soap and water soaked towels, laughing now that there was no real fire. My oldest is the worrier and continually asked what will he wear to school if we can’t wash his clothes. Both my husband and I attempted to reassure him that we would have a washer and dryer in just a couple of hours but he would have nothing of it.

When my youngest son realized that it was not a repair, but a replacement, he began to sulk and tear up. He does not like change and for some reason sees all objects as members of the family. How do I explain nicely after all this, that the flaming washer of death was NOT staying in my house, I don’t care how much you “Love” him!

And we headed off to Menards, where we found out just how much we were going to spend. AAAAHHHHHH!

I do love the new ones though! 🙂

The Grand Plan took a grand flop at my house. Eighty degree days in March cut the program short, and spending all of our time outside left my poor house in shambles as everyone shoved their chores aside in exchange for sun on thier faces.

I can’t blame them really, or myself for that matter. It was worth it! We got alot done in the yard, repaired and installed fence, weeded the flower beds, but now however, I am reminded of the chores left undone as I pull into my garage. My once neat and tidy entry porch, is now a piled up mess once again, and I find myself embarrassed to have unannounced guests.

Glancing at the calendar of events already scheduled, I wonder if I will have the time or the energy to retackle these projects and continue through to the rest of my home. I then wonder….when will it be complete? Might I ask why is it that when everyone in my house needs something they know exactly where it is….but when asked to put it away, it never goes to that place again or they have no idea where to put it at all? Funny how that works.

Last night I told the boys to go through the basket of laundry fresh from the dryer and take care of the ones that belonged to them. My 12 year old jumed to the task and was done in 15 minutes flat. I later found all of his clothes smashed firmly into a drawer not nearly large enough to house them all. Followed up this morning with panicked screeches of “Mom, I don’t have any clean shirts! Or jeans! Did you wash them?” The sound of the dryer door slamming shut completed the request. I responded by walking calmly into his room, removing the partially opened drawer and setting it on his bed.  His reply: “How’d they get in there?”

My 8 year old simply did not want to do it. He got his hangers and began putting all of his shirts on inside out and sideways. When I told him to correct them he promptly got huffy and ran 15 laps around the house for attitude. After a brief training session and his realization that I was not going to do it for him, it only took about 35 minutes for him to hang 2 pair of jeans and 8 shirts. Whew! When I entered his room this morning to exchange his stained play shirt for a clean school shirt, I found the clothes in a pile on the floor of his closet, hangers still on them. A meer 24 inches from the empty bar they were intended to hang from.

I guess I know what I will be doing tonight……

“They’re not being nice to me!” I heard time and time again from the little blonde haired, blue eyed daughter of our friend. She is 6 and no one ever wants to play nice with her. In reality, no one will ever do exactly as she says.

I had my two boys, 12 and 8. My sisters three, 10 year old girl and 7 year old twin boys, and our fiends two, 6 year old girl and 4 year old son. ALL WEEKEND! The girls are too far apart in age to get along and the boys just don’t want to play house. I can’t understand why.

I had 4 boys running through the house with guns and wooden swords shooting and slicing monsters, a little girl pouting and stomping behind them, and the 2 pre-teens desprately trying to find a place where the other 5 couldn’t find them to hide out.

The hubby has been sick for about 3 weeks and we just found out on Friday that it was pnuemonia. He is not happy. So while the choas was building around him, he attempted to take a nap….in the living room. What was he thinking? After about an hour….he had reached his breaking point.

We routinely use running as a punishment, simply because most of the time, the reason the kids are in trouble is because they have excess energy and seeing as it is winter in Michigan, no where to really burn it off. It gives them exercise too. So really, it’s not that bad. Five laps around our small house take about 7 minutes, if they are actually running.

So out the door, in the dark with every outside light we have on, seven children file out  to run 5 laps. It reminded me of gym class when I was in elementary school. Back when the weather didn’t stop the faculty from sending us outside. The silence was wonderful! The husband dozed off and I was able to clean up the kitchen from all the pizza that had been half eaten. Once I had completed my task I sat in the chair and started to cover up with the lap blanket, then realizing that it had been far to long for 5 laps. I jumped up and ran to the sliding glass door.

I found the older two eating snow with the youngest at the picnic table and the other 4 decided that it was soooo much fun, they were going to try for 20! Apparently my punishment was exactly what they wanted. And they ran, and ran and ran.

But then we realized the problem with them enjoying the running. You see, not everyone had brought snow gear with them for the weekend, so we were not allowing any of them to play outside. So when they wanted out, they ran through the house, guns blazing, swords waving, voices screaming, killing invisible monsters (and me) until Dad could take it no more, and they ran.

Side note….I have realized that I will never own a day care, be a teacher, and that having my tubes tied, was a VERY good idea! 🙂