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I always have the best intentions. I have a list, lots of them, and I plan to blog about projects and post pics. Unfortunately, I’m a slacker.

I fail to estimate the right amount of time each project will take me, and when it’s not completed when I thought, I don’t post about my progress. I guess I’m trying to hide my slacker tendencies. I don’t particularly like to fail and I most certainly do not like others to know about such failures!

So I decided to myself out there to all of you. I AM A SLACKER! I FAIL! ALOT!

Is it a reason to give up, NO.

My resolutions for 2013 have all come up short. I keep working towards them, but I really haven’t made much progress with any of them. I made it all of 3 weeks before I picked up smoking again. I have lost zero pounds and truthfully, I think I might have gained a few.

I did get the loft beds built for the boys and their rooms cleaned up. It is a struggle to have them keep them clean but I continue reminding them of the importance. I did take pics but they are still on the camera.

Their bedrooms puked everything they didn’t want back in their rooms into my living room, so it is now storage central. Packed to the brim with boxes, books and movies. I look at it everyday, stare at it really and think…where am I supposed to start?

And now the weather is finally breaking and I don’t even want to be in the house. The projects outside are calling me and I feel guilty leaving behind a beaten, battered and dirty house.

It’s a constant struggle to keep up with the laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming all while working full time (not that this is news). I add all of these projects to my lists knowing there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. And then I realize that there is, that I am simply a slacker. And that a pity party is not going to get it done either. I scatter my time, a little on this project, a little on that one. Hoping that one day, they will be completed. I think about this while I sit in the chair, looking at my home, T.V blaring some show I’m not even interested in watching.

The truth is………..I’m a slacker.

But today, today it changes!

It’s okay to be a slacker, don’t feel bad about it. I don’t. But I want to be a better me, so I am making chages, taking steps and moving forward!


Finally! I have replaced the card reader! Lets see if I can get some of this to work. First, the before pic of me.
Scary huh? Well, that is going to be the old me. I will be working very hard to make a lot of that me disappear! I start exercising this week.
Organizing and improving my home has been ongoing and I am really enjoying it. I found this on pinterest…
After getting some family pictures taken and finding all the right stuff, this is what I ended up with.
THIS WALL IS NOT PINK! I have no idea why it would look like it in the pic….There are NO pink walls in my house. It’s a light tan. I am repainting this spring!

Over the weekend, I cleaned scrubbed the kitchen and decided on a paint color for the main part of the house. Spring project of course. My next project is pinterest inspired as well. Here’s a preview.

I have a lot of things I want to do, but I keep reminding myself that it’s one step at a time. With my sisters help I am nearly caught up on all the business paperwork and that takes the majority of my time. Mechanic man and I have come up with some exciting new products for the business too. I will post once I get the first prototypes online.

Oh, and hormonal son #1 managed to pull his F in math up to a B! I knew he could do it. Love seeing that look in his eyes of self accomplishment. I am a very proud momma! Lets hope he keeps his grades up now that he’s ungrounded.

Trudging along with all my resolutions, how are yours hanging in there?

I would like to share the WONDERFUL news that we received yesterday! First, my husband and I own a small business that is mostly his baby. I do the paperwork and I am searching for my own portion of it so that I can stay at home more!

It is an engine repair shop. Everything from weed whackers to Semi’s! He also does custom fab work and is currently building a tube buggy for rock crawling and trail riding.

The other small engine shop in town is closing his doors at the end of June and is sending all his regulars to my husband. There are obviously more details involved, but his long standing business has a great reputation in our little town and the personal referral will bring a LOT more business to us! (bring me closer to being the stay at home mommy I dream of being!)

Another great call came in as well, early last year we were selected to be a certified repair shop for a new line of mini bikes, scooters etc. They called to confirm that we are still interested! Their line is due to come out this summer!

We had sugardishme’s chicken satay for dinner last night to celebrate how life is working out for us. It was to die for! The kids, of course, have named it chicken-on-a-stick and have requested that I put it in the family recipe book along with her Chinese Hacked Pork recipe, a.k.a. Ninja Pork.

The recipe book was a gift from my boys the Christmas after my Mom passed, they watched as I made batch after batch of peanut butter fudge trying to find her recipe. They saw me cry, scream and then cry some more. They said that with that book, they wouldn’t have to go through the same thing later. 😦

I did find my moms fudge recipe…….it was on the side of the marshmallow fluff jar. She used peanut butter chips instead of chocolate. I love my Mom!

I spend the majority of my days trying to find a balance. It could be between work and home, good and bad, cleaning and fun time with my boys, or it can be between teaching morals or living morals.

Drinking and driving is NEVER okay. There are zero circumstances where it is acceptable. This is what I teach my boys, and since my husband and I are not big drinkers, we live that standard every day. But what do you do when you are in a group situation and someone else is teaching by example simply because they are there?

“Mom, what did he put in his coffee? Was that……alcohol?” 

I refuse to lie to my boys so I simply said yes and had hoped to move on from the subject. But he was filling a to-go mug, the group was heading out to the Blessing of Jeeps (hence the name “jeepnmom”). A 30 mile trip from the cabin, including highway (not that it matters what you are driving on). And he was not the only one that was flavoring their cups of joe.

It continued in the jeep as they saw those men getting into the driver side of thier jeeps and leaving the driveway. We had taught them that drinking and driving puts everyone on the road in danger, not just the one who had been drinking, and honestly, they didn’t want us to pull out on the road with them. They kept asking why we were following them and should we slow down etc.

How do I teach them to be a responsible drinker, and yet say nothing when someone I know does something like that? Where does that put me on the scale of good or bad parent? We have met so many wonderful people who share our values from the 4×4 club, but just a couple can ruin the whole thing.

So my husband and I have decided to discontinue our affiliation with the jeep club we had once been proud of, effective immediately.