I have noticed that my CDO might be getting a little worse. I mentioned this to my husband after I folded a load of towels. After I completed folding the pile that was on the bed, I noticed that they were stacked in order by color, red-purple. Now, I do not have all the colors of the rainbow, but what I had, was in that order. I wish I had taken a picture.

I pulled them out of the pile, grabbing them in order, folded them, stacked them in piles on the bed and even the stacks were in order of color. I think I am going to buy all white towels.

My loving husband then mentioned to me that I spent about 5 hours cleaning the house on Saturday. I did, and I was quite proud of the results! He then mentioned he noticed a few things. Like the fact that I pulled the washer and dryer out and vacuumed behind them and dusted the wires and hoses. He also noticed that all of the trim in the house had been dusted. He assumed that I pulled out the fridge and stove and vacuumed behind them as well. (I did) And then he asked me why?

Because it needed to be done. Seriously, it was gross!

His response was, “no one will ever see it”.

OH MY GOSH! My heart nearly pounded out of my chest! What do you mean that no one will ever see it? Why on earth does it matter if they can see it? It’s there, and it’s dirty, it needed to be cleaned. Hello!

Maybe I am a little over the edge.

I don’t think that being a little CDO over cleaning is a bad thing though.

And that cleaning made it possible for me to do absolutely nothing on Sunday. We watched 4 movies as a family, ate a great homemade breakfast, had a grab whatever lunch and had meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner with chocolate ice cream for dessert! It was the best Sunday in a long time. We never even got dressed!

What’s your most recent best Sunday? What do you and yours do when you don’t want to do anything?


The unproductive weekend seems to have taken over my entire week. Other than cleaning up after Mr. Poopsalot (seems as though he’s had a relapse) I haven’t done much. And you know what? I think I am okay with that. I am always talking about how far behind I feel when I read Sobomama‘s blog, but the truth is, we are all individual’s, each with our own specific needs and wants. I want and need to spend more time with my boys. The house also needs to be organized. It needs it because I personally cannot handle chaos. Everything has a place and it should be in it. If it doesn’t have one, get rid of it!

So I threw my to-do list out for a week. It will still be there later. Staring me in the face making me feel behind again on another day.

Mechanic Man and I took the boys to the pool last night. It was wonderful. Relaxing, fun, energizing, and it nearly killed the cabin fever we have all had the past few weeks.

I realized that I am completely out of shape and that my boys are fish! Or at least part fish. Last night was the first of many I think. It may become a weekly trip. It’s definately affordable at only $5 for the family. My everywheres felt the laps I swam, and they still feel it today. That is a good thing, I think?!?

But it aggrivated little man’s ear. We had a suspicion that he might be fighting an ear infection after his week long illness but it seemed to be getting better. He has an appointment this afternoon.

They are off school until next Tuesday, so I think we will be having some family fun for the next 3 days. Maybe that to-do list will wait another weekend? The boys worked together picking up the trash and such that they failed to take care of previously, so the house looks decent. Still need to paint that room though.

Either way….I think I’m okay with that.

So I posted yesterday about Mr. Poopsalot and that Dad was cleaning up the Tuesday morning droppings; (the dog is feeling better by the way) After I shampooed twice the night before and covered the entire carpet with baking soda, opened the window (20 degrees outside) put a towel under the door (to keep the rest of the house from freezing) and returned hours later to vacuum just before collapsing into bed. Have I mentioned how much I despise carpet? I came home yesterday, the door to his room was open and no one said anything to me about the floor needing my attention.

I moved on with my evening, homework, a walk in the snow with Mechanic Man, cooking, minimal cleaning, arguing over the homework, arguing over the tv show, arguing, arguing, arguing and arguing followed by putting my 2 little angels to bed. 🙂 This is when I found out that he could not sleep in his room becuase it smelled. Like poop. Upon inspection of the floor, I find that Dad simply removed the thickness from the top of the carpet. Fabulous! Now it is dried into the fibers of the carpet which will require far more cleaning than I am willing to do at bed time (9pm) and I am throughly exhausted from all of the arguing earlier in the evening. So he slept on the couch….AGAIN! The son, not the hubby.

After doing all the things that are required before laying my head on a pillow, I enter my room to the sound of some car show on the tv. Great. (enter ugly look here). I crawl into bed looking forward to disappearing from this world for the next seven hours in hopes to get a decent nights sleep. (I’ve been waking with pain and numbness from my back, oh and the nightmares.) And I feel Mechanic Man rub my back. At first I think, that’s sooo sweet. And then I realized, I was going to pretend to be sleeping even when I was not. I was mad at him. This is ridiculous!

Should I go to bed mad? No. But I was in no mood to chat or anything else, and I definately did not have the energy to explain to him what was wrong. And I certainly did not want to try and have yet another conversation in between his non-stop texts. So I slept. And I did get a fairly good nights sleep.

This morning I awoke to the chaos I had come home to the night before. No one knows where the trash can is, where groceries can be returned to after use or what the dishwasher is used for. Coffee, I need coffee. I almost had a coronary when I went to the coffee pot and found milk spilled on the counter, fresh. Really!?!?! You know you did it, wipe it up!

I think I need a vacation from me. I need to go away somewhere where no one knows my name, no one needs anything from me, the place I am at should be cleaned by someone else and someone needs to bring me my food for once. I don’t want to hear any negative statements, or notifications of a new text, just silence. Just for a day or a night. Oh, and there should be wine. Definately wine.

Somehow, my BFF sobomama always seems to make me feel like I’m falling behind on the road to having an organized home. Even when she takes the weekend off to be “Mommy of the year”.

My weekend was also sidetracked. Not to my choosing as was hers. I did the one thing that my mother told me I couldn’t do when I was a kid a few years ago. My youngest wanted a space themed room painted dark navy blue like the night sky. So I did it. It’s just paint. It can be changed at the drop of a hat. (Have I mentioned I LOVE to paint?) And he loved it! It turned out exactly as we had envisioned it. And then the Mayan’s predicted the end of the world and everyone started talking about a zombie apocolypse. (Enter ginormous sigh here and related “I despise the discovery channel for airing things like this” look)

So for nearly a year, he has been sleeping in his room less, protesting more about going to bed and informing me he was scared to sleep in there. Really? He made the choice on his room design, not me! And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, my mom had already thought that through all those years ago. Knowing that I was at an age where she would not be around to monitor what I watched or read, or what my evil older sister told me every waking minute of the day. That was why I couldn’t paint my room black. Now I get it.

So, the money saved for the main part of the house re-paint was allocated to purchasing a lighter colored paint for the energetic and oh so snuggly when he wants something child. He was also able to find several decals for the walls as well, which I quickly put on the after its painted wait list. But he seems over joyed with the prospect of liking his room again so I too am happy for the change.

So we drug in giant boxes for the boys to empty his room full of toys he does not play with into so I could get in and start the remodel. Sore back, (yes it is still bothering me) and up a ladder I went to remove the 1000 glow in the dark stars that were on the walls when I was informed that he does not want to get rid of those, he would like them on the ceiling. Repurposing, I’m good with that.

So that is what I did on Friday, Saturday was grocery shopping and general house clean up (with a lot of heat and ice for the back, bending backwards to place 1000 glow in the dark stars to the ceiling was not the best choice for a lower back injury) and Sunday we spent together as a family. We went to Lake Michigan to watch the ice bergs, only to find out that there weren’t any. So we went home and I made a pot of Chili for dinner and we watched movies through our eye lids in the living room.

Monday evening was spent shampooing the carpet seeing as the middle dog decided that the clean floor space would be the perfect place to get sick. And then again a little while after I got it done, and again this morning. Dad cleaned that one up, not sure if he shampooed.

Completely unproductive weekend and my house shows the proof.

I will post about the room remodel though, looks like there might be a fort bed in the making?

I grabbed this topic from http://thecutterrambles.wordpress.com/ and thought that maybe I should tackle it myself. A little bit different from my regular posts about cleaning, organizing and the boys.

So am I really living happily ever after? On most days, I think if I were asked this question my response would be: “Yep, I’m living the dream!” (Insert sarcastic undertone). I, like so many others, struggle daily to make ends meet, worry constantly about my children and the cleaning, need I say more? I work outside of the home full time 4 days a week. Of the remaining 3 days a week I spend half that time (or at least I should) working in the office of my husbands business. I say “his” because he does the work. We own it together. The remaining time I try to clean, organize and spend time with my boys and still try to squeak in some private time for me and mechanic man. Needless to say, one thing or another suffers on a daily basis.

Is it my dream to work outside of the home? No. I do it because I have to. Because we as a family need a regular income and health insurance until the magical day when the business can sustain itself and the family. For a new business in these times, it’s doing great! So I am not complaining. Do I enjoy loading the wood stove and splitting and stacking wood in the middle of a Michigan winter to stay warm? NO! My dream is to be the stay at home mom who bakes cookies and makes fresh lemonade (from lemons) and has the house running like a well oiled machine.

But when I thought about this question, I mean really thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I am living happily ever after. Why you ask? Because I have my prince charming. Who loves me with ALL his heart, regardless of my imperfections, my slip ups, my mistakes. He loves all of me. And I love him, every piece of him.

Because I can’t imagine any part of my future without him in it. And although I’m not rich, live in a castle on a hill, and I have to work outside the home, he makes me feel like his princess/queen. That is worth more to me than anything else in the world. Without him I would not have my 2 wonderful boys that are a part of my heart and soul forever. Everything I love in this world I have because of Mechanic Man.

So Yes. I am living happily ever after. Stacking wood with Mechanic Man in a blizzard is where I want to be. Struggles and all, he makes me happy, everyday.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I hurt my back a little over a week ago. I have a herniated disc and nerve impingement. I can’t sit, stand or walk for very long without pain and I cannot bend over. I can’t stand it, I have so many things on my to-do list and I was actually getting them done thanks to this blog. So I commissioned the boys to help me organize the kitchen. 🙂

I would ask them to empty a cupboard and bring the contents to me. I would sort, purge and organize and have them return the contents to the cupboard. It worked well and I was able to complete all of the bottom cupboards! I took a trip to family dollar and picked up bins for a dollar each to help with the project.

I had my husband cut a spare piece of plywood to the same size as the 1 shelf that was in this cupboard to utilize the height better.

I reused the rack I had been using for baking pans for the lids. They are now neatly stored and can be accessed easily.
(the baking pans were relocated to the basket above the fridge that I showed in the last post)

This cupboard did nothing but store the turkey roaster I use 2-3 times a year. I removed that, put it in a plastic bag, and put it on the shelf in the garage. Now it houses my hot mits and bowls and the pyrex baking dishes.

These 3 cupboards housed my pans and lids on the bottom shelf and my baking needs on the top. This was the space that needed the most help. I used my dollar store bins to hold my bags of muffin mixes, extra powdered sugar, and side dishes that also come in bags. The shelf I bought for spices (That idea didn’t work. It didn’t fit in the cupboard and when I tried to use it I knocked off the spices on the lower sections.) is now being used for Jello. I also used a bin that would normally be used in a bathroom or to hold pencils (3 for 1.75) for hot cocoa packets.

Sadly, I have to admit that I threw out tea bags that expired in 2010. My husband is the only one who drinks iced tea in the summer so we don’t go through a ton. At least I didn’t have mulitple packages. I will buy new this summer when he is in the mood for it again.

My top cupboards are already organized because I am in those multiple times a day. My canned good are alphabetized and all the labels face forward. After organizing the bottom cupboards and repurposing spaces, I now have some unused space in the top cupboards. Growing room, it feels good!

Next project….the freezers. (Until I can build the launch pad in the dining room! 😉 )

My back is a little more serious than I originally thought. It seems as though I have a herniated disc and a nerve impingement which is causing the top half of my left leg to go numb. UGH! I am supposed to “take it easy” and I start therapy tomorrow. I also got a new narcotic cocktail until the therapist works their magic. I’m not to fond of taking narcotics but back pain is the worst pain there is. There is not a single thing you do in daily life that you are using your back.

On top of that, mechanic man got sick. So he went in to see the doc today. Pneumonia. Both lungs. 😦

Kitty is doing much better since her trip to see the vet and got realigned. She more playful, walks straight and is actually investigating the rest of the house. 🙂

But having pain has not stopped me from organizing my kitchen. I continue to have the boys bring sections of my cupboards contents to me for sorting. It’s coming together nicely. I will post pics of the finished products later. I’m hoping to pick up a few more bins for sorting this Saturday. (and those elusive picture frames mechanic man said I couldn’t have. hehehehe)

So if my posts seem a little scattered in the coming weeks, keep in mind, I’m taking medication and I’m trying as hard as I can!

Oh, I have been smoke free for 8 days and 3 hours. And yes, I want one. But I won’t have one, cause I know I can say NO!