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My day started as planned. Buscuits and gravy for breakfast. Breakfast cooked, family fed and happy, now time to start the day.

Our plan was to go and look at new laptops as our 6 year old walmart model is on its last leg. Our business can not take a crash now that it is such an integral part of it. As my husband lay on the bed, over full from such a wonderful breakfast, I started a load of towels in the washer. I turned to him to tell him to get dressed so we could get done with errands early and have the afternoon to spend doing fun things with our boys when I heard it.

Gajug, gajug, gajug……eeeeehhhhh, gajug, gajug, eeeehhhhh! I said to my husband…”are you telling me we are going to have to…” and as I turned to the washer for what I thought was going to be a balancing of the load, I saw the smoke. Frantically I rushed to it pulling buttons and cords trying to turn it off. He jumped to the fuse box flipping breakers until he found the right one. Smoke filled the house in 30 seconds flat!

The boys ran through the house screaming “FIRE – FIRE – FIRE! Everyone out! Call 9-1-1!” As the alarms started sounding off through out the house. Driving us crazy of course, but creating terror in the boys. So they ran through, but not out. Jumping and figiting all over in the tiny room that housed the machine. Four people do not fit in that space.

We began to open doors and windows to air out the gray, horribly scented smoke and started to assess the situation. We have done several repairs to the unit in last few years, it is 6 years old and was not a top of the line set to begin with. It would be nice to just replace the washer seeing as it was the only one that was broke, but it was a stackable unit. NOT a possibility for us. UGH!

I removed the large load of soaked towels from the washer and placed them in the tub. My youngest underfoot trying to help with the task when in reality, he was just trying to get wet from the soap and water soaked towels, laughing now that there was no real fire. My oldest is the worrier and continually asked what will he wear to school if we can’t wash his clothes. Both my husband and I attempted to reassure him that we would have a washer and dryer in just a couple of hours but he would have nothing of it.

When my youngest son realized that it was not a repair, but a replacement, he began to sulk and tear up. He does not like change and for some reason sees all objects as members of the family. How do I explain nicely after all this, that the flaming washer of death was NOT staying in my house, I don’t care how much you “Love” him!

And we headed off to Menards, where we found out just how much we were going to spend. AAAAHHHHHH!

I do love the new ones though! 🙂


And it was quiet…..

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I just don’t know anymore. It seems as though my days and nights fly by, unnoticed with little to no effort. I can remember a time when life was slower, days sweeter. But I just don’t know where they have gone or if they are coming back.

I’ve got in my head the things that need to get done to reclaim my life, my home as my own again and I have committed myself to making sure that it happens. But what then? After the house is de-cluttered and organized. What will I do then?

Just now I sent the boys outside to play as it is a nice day out ( rare for a day in February in Michigan ) and for about 3 seconds there was a silence in my house. And for those few precious seconds I felt as if the world had slowed. I could breathe again. But then it was over and the chaos began again.

Amidst all the cleaning, organizing, frivolous law suits against myself and my sisters, helping to run my husbands business and hopefully start a branch of my own, I think we have all forgotten the simple pleasures of life.

We’ve lost the sweet joy of a bon fire, hot dogs on the grill, an evening walk and yes even silence. Why is that today we must have noise in order to feel complete? The tv or the radio is on all the time and now even my husband finds it comforting to have the tv on to go to sleep.

I guess I just wish life was more like when I was a kid. There were only 4 tv channels on a clear day and if there wasn’t anything on….the tv was off. We would color at the table quietly because we were actually concentrating on what we’d we’re doing or we would read! Yes I said it. We read books! The kind with pages made of paper. And we liked it!

And it was quiet.

Road trip

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“Is the whole trip gonna look like this?” is the first and only question I have heard on this trip. We are traveling just south of Indianapolis to pick up a lathe for my husbands business.

So the answer is yes. It is all going to look like massive fields. But the farther south we go the greener it will be. Which as my husband pointed out is putting us all in a better mood but as we return home it will be come browner again and eventually we will begin to see the remains of snow.

It brought back the urge to move again. To leave all the bad memories behind of mistakes made and loved ones lost and start anew. To have that hobby farm we have both dreamed about and live mostly off of what we grow ourselves.

But again my wiser husband reminded me that although we would be leaving behind all the things that remind us of the bad, we would be leaving behind all the things that remind of the good as well.

And so I sit, waiting to have this thing loaded on the trailer, awaiting to start the ride home. Realizing that a dream of a hobby farm is just that, a dream. That I will forever be residing in the place I call home, because it is my home. And that’s okay.

Another weekend gone

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So I’ve spent another weekend doing the running around that needed to be done and cleaning up from the non-stop revolving door of friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the friends and family and the company. I love that my house is the central meeting place where everyone feels like they are home. It’s like my house is Cheers.

But sometimes I feel like my weekends and my weeks really revolve around everyone but my own husband and kids. The time I have seems to end up being devoted to cleaning up after all the company instead of enjoying the time I have with them. I feel like I am missing out on them.

Instead of talking about it with my loving husband I am on here blogging about it. Not because we don’t communicate but because we have discussed it before and it is something he is not willing to budge on. His house growing up was not a place his friends felt comfortable in mostly because he was the youngest of 9.

I understand that but I also would like to have some down time with my family. Doing something fun instead of cleaning away my weekends. Or feeling guilty because the have to dos didn’t get done while I was having fun with them.