Completely unproductive weekend…..

Posted: March 5, 2013 in 2013, Chaos, Family
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Somehow, my BFF sobomama always seems to make me feel like I’m falling behind on the road to having an organized home. Even when she takes the weekend off to be “Mommy of the year”.

My weekend was also sidetracked. Not to my choosing as was hers. I did the one thing that my mother told me I couldn’t do when I was a kid a few years ago. My youngest wanted a space themed room painted dark navy blue like the night sky. So I did it. It’s just paint. It can be changed at the drop of a hat. (Have I mentioned I LOVE to paint?) And he loved it! It turned out exactly as we had envisioned it. And then the Mayan’s predicted the end of the world and everyone started talking about a zombie apocolypse. (Enter ginormous sigh here and related “I despise the discovery channel for airing things like this” look)

So for nearly a year, he has been sleeping in his room less, protesting more about going to bed and informing me he was scared to sleep in there. Really? He made the choice on his room design, not me! And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, my mom had already thought that through all those years ago. Knowing that I was at an age where she would not be around to monitor what I watched or read, or what my evil older sister told me every waking minute of the day. That was why I couldn’t paint my room black. Now I get it.

So, the money saved for the main part of the house re-paint was allocated to purchasing a lighter colored paint for the energetic and oh so snuggly when he wants something child. He was also able to find several decals for the walls as well, which I quickly put on the after its painted wait list. But he seems over joyed with the prospect of liking his room again so I too am happy for the change.

So we drug in giant boxes for the boys to empty his room full of toys he does not play with into so I could get in and start the remodel. Sore back, (yes it is still bothering me) and up a ladder I went to remove the 1000 glow in the dark stars that were on the walls when I was informed that he does not want to get rid of those, he would like them on the ceiling. Repurposing, I’m good with that.

So that is what I did on Friday, Saturday was grocery shopping and general house clean up (with a lot of heat and ice for the back, bending backwards to place 1000 glow in the dark stars to the ceiling was not the best choice for a lower back injury) and Sunday we spent together as a family. We went to Lake Michigan to watch the ice bergs, only to find out that there weren’t any. So we went home and I made a pot of Chili for dinner and we watched movies through our eye lids in the living room.

Monday evening was spent shampooing the carpet seeing as the middle dog decided that the clean floor space would be the perfect place to get sick. And then again a little while after I got it done, and again this morning. Dad cleaned that one up, not sure if he shampooed.

Completely unproductive weekend and my house shows the proof.

I will post about the room remodel though, looks like there might be a fort bed in the making?

  1. katiebman says:

    Please do not feel “behind” because of what I’m posting! You should see the laundry baskets that have taken up residence in my living room, and the monkey huts are only tolerable with the doors closed!

    • jeepnmom says:

      Isn’t that how is always goes though, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? I would love to deal with your Mt. Washmore if you would like to deal with my Mr. Poopsalot. I can’t even work on taping that room off because it smells so bad! I hated that dog so much yesterday, and this morning Mechanic Man informs me he’s got blood in his stool. Great, now I feel bad for being mad at him.

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