Am I Living Happily Ever After?

Posted: February 26, 2013 in 2013, Family
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I grabbed this topic from and thought that maybe I should tackle it myself. A little bit different from my regular posts about cleaning, organizing and the boys.

So am I really living happily ever after? On most days, I think if I were asked this question my response would be: “Yep, I’m living the dream!” (Insert sarcastic undertone). I, like so many others, struggle daily to make ends meet, worry constantly about my children and the cleaning, need I say more? I work outside of the home full time 4 days a week. Of the remaining 3 days a week I spend half that time (or at least I should) working in the office of my husbands business. I say “his” because he does the work. We own it together. The remaining time I try to clean, organize and spend time with my boys and still try to squeak in some private time for me and mechanic man. Needless to say, one thing or another suffers on a daily basis.

Is it my dream to work outside of the home? No. I do it because I have to. Because we as a family need a regular income and health insurance until the magical day when the business can sustain itself and the family. For a new business in these times, it’s doing great! So I am not complaining. Do I enjoy loading the wood stove and splitting and stacking wood in the middle of a Michigan winter to stay warm? NO! My dream is to be the stay at home mom who bakes cookies and makes fresh lemonade (from lemons) and has the house running like a well oiled machine.

But when I thought about this question, I mean really thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I am living happily ever after. Why you ask? Because I have my prince charming. Who loves me with ALL his heart, regardless of my imperfections, my slip ups, my mistakes. He loves all of me. And I love him, every piece of him.

Because I can’t imagine any part of my future without him in it. And although I’m not rich, live in a castle on a hill, and I have to work outside the home, he makes me feel like his princess/queen. That is worth more to me than anything else in the world. Without him I would not have my 2 wonderful boys that are a part of my heart and soul forever. Everything I love in this world I have because of Mechanic Man.

So Yes. I am living happily ever after. Stacking wood with Mechanic Man in a blizzard is where I want to be. Struggles and all, he makes me happy, everyday.

  1. The Cutter says:

    Glad I could provide the idea for this (Although Daily Prompt deserves most of the credit) and hooray for finding your prince charming!

  2. katiebman says:

    Love love love! You echo my thoughts. Frustrating sometimes, but truly it is the happily ever after.

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