Exactly what you planned for me, nothing.

Posted: February 4, 2013 in 2013
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Yesterday was my birthday. Mechanic man planned nothing. It is just another day I suppose. It’s just that I try to make sure that everyone’s birthday is special in my house and I got nothing. I’ve always said that it’s not a birthday without balloons. They did tell me happy birthday and constantly reminded me that it was my birthday, and that I should decide what to do.

There are a few things I don’t think the birthday person should ever have to do.

1. They should never have to decide what to do for their birthday the day of. If it was your plan to take me out, but wanted me to choose the place, fine. But I should be informed of this a few days prior to my birthday. It lets me know that you’ve actually thought about it.

2. I don’t think that the birthday person should ever have to make their own cake. EVER!

Although I did not make my cake, I think they were hinting towards it all day. (I do make a mean birthday cake!) And my friends and my sisters did not forget me.

But I got no card, no cake, no balloons, nothing. This doesn’t happen every year, and honestly I’m not going around for months ahead of time reminding everyone either. I really didn’t expect much, but I thought I would get at the very least….a card. It made me feel like the only people who wanted to celebrate my birth were my parents, and they are all gone. So I cried on my birthday.

Will I say anything to mechanic man? Probably not. They only thing I said is when he asked me for the 100th time…”What do you want to do today?” I replied, “Exactly what you planned for me, nothing.”

I’m getting older and the excitement for being another year older is fading anyway. Will I not try so hard for everyone else, no. I will continue making their day as special as I can because I love them and that’s what I do.

2013 Resolution update:
1. Did not start exercising like I should have.
2. Repeated snow days has given the boys cabin fever and I am unsure of how to spend time with them when they
are trying to kill each other.
3. We are eating at home more….obviously, since we didn’t even go out for my birthday.
4. 2012 paperwork is nearly ready for the tax accountant.
5. Ebay store has stalled out, the book is soooooo boring!
6. I’m down to 5-7 cigs a day instead of 10-15.
7. The garden is on hold until spring.
8. Collecting supplies for the refrigerator project, expected completion is this weekend.
9. I am still successfully deflecting drama from outside sources.

Oh, and we are currently on the hunt for a kitten. Per the allergic husband’s request.

  1. Bbots says:

    Some of your resolutions sound like mine. Your Bday sounds exactly like mine go. We give and we give and we give and get nothing in return…I’m starting to understand why they say motherhood is like sainthood. 😆 Happy belated birthday.(good job on the cigarettes too!)

  2. katiebman says:

    1. Men do not think very often. We know this. We apparently married similar men 😦
    2. I agree that you should not have to plan your b’day or make your own cake. Let me tell you about Grizzly’s “surprise party” he threw me last year….grilling for all of HIS friends, meaning I had to hurry and clean the house right after work.
    3. Your BFF told you happy birthday a day early. Not quite the same but SOMEONE is still around who is happy about your birth!

    Sorry your resolutions haven’t kicked off the way you intended. It will get better and I see progress already from your posts. Keep plugging and you’ll get there. Love you bunches!

  3. The Cutter says:

    In defense of all men, sometimes we’re not the most creative or imaginative people out there. We might want to do something nice but have no idea what to do, or perhaps don’t want to do the wrong thing.

    I don’t know the specifics of your realtionship, but sometimes to hear some music, you gotta toot your own horn.

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