Her name is Sarah…………..

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Family
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I am officially in unchartered territory!

My oldest son, 13 year old, 7th grade, honor roll student from kindergarten, has failed his math class this trimester! YES, I said FAILED!

I found out the problem distraction from his teacher, her name is Sarah. He is so focused on getting her attention, that he hasn’t been paying attention to the teacher. UGH!

So I took the parental high road and I grounded him from everything for 2 weeks! He has nothing but a bed and alarm clock in his room. For every letter his grade improves after the 2 weeks, he will get something back. (confession: this also gives me an excuse to weed out the junk in his room.)

With my Mom gone, I’m feeling a little lost here. No one to get advice from. Not that she has ever dealt with a teenage boy (she had 3 girls) but she had dealt with teenage girls, 3 times! I’m on my own out here, just me and the mechanic husband. Talking to him is impossible. That’s a whole other post.

Advice welcome.

  1. I’m so glad you left me a comment today!! I checked your blog periodically towards the end of last year but there were no updates… you were undoubtedly swamped with everything like the rest of us. Anyway… I just posted about my 7th grade boy being smitten with a girl the week before last!! Totally uncharted territory, right? I was waaaaaay freaked out and worried to the max because my Andrew wanted to make plans with this cute little girl. So we chaperoned an afternoon a couple Saturdays ago. They had fun, I had fun (it was kind of nice to have a girl around for a few minutes to dote on). And now they are just “friends”. It quickly fizzled out and I freaked for no reason. Bad grades, though? I am the meanest mama ever with grades. I know what my boys are capable of and I am wholly unsatisfied with less. Yanking the X-box or the computer or the phone or the tablet or ALL of the above works for me.

    • jeepnmom says:

      It totally made a difference with him. He’s really buckled down to get his grades up. Still won’t admit to me that it’s Sarah, but it’s “wierd” to talk to mom about girls.

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