I have inspired!

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Chaos, Family
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It looks as though I may have inspired my husband to declutter his barns.  Yes, it is plural.  He has 3!  36×80, 24x26ish and 24x24ish.  And they are all jam packed full of stuff.  Not mine.  I was given rights to the 2 car attached garage, which I really have rights to park my jeep in and keep some yard tools.  He has managed to take over the majority of the rest.

He has, however, managed to fill the yard with everything that was in the barn.  Making it look like a bad episode of hoarders. He found that a lot of the items aren’t even ours, but a culmination of items left by friends. It’s a disaster!  The good news problem is that is that he has to complete this project by the end of today because it is scheduled to rain all night!

I find it very theraputic to purge. It’s euphoric in a way, because it seems as though all of those things, well, they weigh you down.  With each room I complete, I feel lighter. And seeing the room clean in every way, with each item in it own space, not hidden behind things that did not hold meaning, is like nothing else.  (yes, I have a bit of CDO)

I keep the back to basics theory in my head while I purge and declutter.  Items that may hold a meaning, but no purpose, are sent on to others to spread joy.  I take a picture of the item if I really find it hard to let it go and that way I know I will always have a piece of it to hold dear.  We all grow and change throughout time, and those items lose their purpose.  It’s okay to let it go.  And keeping only the items that have purpose in my life right now, or the lives of family, it part of getting back to basics. 

I’ve decided to share a tip with each blog, so my tip today is about the basics. 


Take 10 minutes and go into your kitchen.  The challenge is to find 5 things that you have not used in a long time.  Put those 5 items into a box. Tape the box shut and put that days date on the top with the word “kitchen”.  Place that box in the bottom of the closet, in the garage, any where you won’t lose it.  Do this with each room of your house, creating a new box for each room.  1 a day until all the rooms have 5 items removed and boxed up.  In 6 months, if you have not opened the box to look for an item, take the boxes, still sealed, and deliver to a donation center.  More than likely, you will have no idea what you put in the box, keep it that way. 

Good Luck!


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