Back to basics….update

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Family
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Sorry I haven’t been blogging all summer.  I have been trying to manage time better, but I haven’t had much luck.  😦

I started the summer with the intent to get back to the basics.  I have had some luck with that, but I have also had some bad luck as well.

The garden:

It started out beautiful! I created a defined space and planted in an eye pleasing and functional design. I kept it weeded and it was all going so well.  And then the seeds started to pop.  I was so very excited!   I then noticed an error on my part….the bad luck I had in previous years (which is why I gave up before) was not the case this year.  Normally, I have a very hard time with cucumbers, the plants would die and I would not have enough cucumbers for a family who LOVES them… I planted seeds instead of plants this year.  A whole package per trellace!  They ALL grew! Over population is not a good thing!  Trying but not devasting….until all my plants we about 3 weeks old.

At this point, all my plants except those to the far right of the garden started to yellow. I was lost….I had never had this problem before.  I fertilized appropriately from the very beginning, there were no weeds sucking the life from my plants, and yet the shaded ones on the far right were dark green lucious and growing at a rate that more than doubled that of the rest.  It was a unseasonably hot summer, so I blammed that.  I was wrong.  The dirt we brought in, had zero nutrients!  So after talking to a local farmer or two, we got the right fertilizer.  They started to green up again, but they were stunted and the fruits of my garden were limited.  I was sad.  And then we got rain! And the weeds decided that the fertilizer we put down was just what they needed.  And that was the end of my poor garden.  We got a few tomatoes and a few squash, a couple of cucumbers and 1 b


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