Leave it to Beaver……

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Chaos, Family
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I know that life is a challenge, but sometimes I just wish I could have a day where nothing bothered me and my life was like an episode of Leave It To Beaver.

My dream day:

I would wake up to a house that was clean, some laundry waiting to be washed and hung on the line. Dishes that were washed the night before that need to be put away. Everyone in the house still asleep.

I would start the coffee and take a nice hot shower, no rushing. I would get out, dress in comfortable clothes, house still asleep, husband starting to wake. Brush and dry my hair, put on what little makeup I wear and brush my teeth.

By this time the hubby would be awake and getting dressed himself after which we would meet in the kitchen for a quiet cup of coffee together, maybe even sipping it on the porch swing. Soon after, joyful children would emerge from their rooms looking for food.   A family breakfast of real food (not cereal) would complete the morning.

My real Day:

I hop out of bed usually 15 minutes later than I actually want to get up, pee and hit the shower. Completing the task in less than 10 minutes. Shake husband again and remind him that it is his job to wake the boys. Quickly dress into a suit and high heels while I trip over dirty clothes strewn across the room. Blow dry hair while brushing teeth, put on eye liner, forget deodorant, grab phone, and ask husband, (who has returned to bed) if he made the coffee.  Which he answers…No. 

Run to the kitchen reminding the older child we need to leave in 5 while he finishes his bowl of cereal, start coffee, feed dogs, shake child #2 to wake him, all while strategically placing my feet in the spaces of the floor not covered in legos, back packs, blankets, sweat shirts and my husbands wonderfully scented socks. I then rinse my unwashed travel mug and refill with coffee rushing out the door while yelling “I love you! See you after work!”


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