I did find my moms fudge recipe……..

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Family
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I would like to share the WONDERFUL news that we received yesterday! First, my husband and I own a small business that is mostly his baby. I do the paperwork and I am searching for my own portion of it so that I can stay at home more!

It is an engine repair shop. Everything from weed whackers to Semi’s! He also does custom fab work and is currently building a tube buggy for rock crawling and trail riding.

The other small engine shop in town is closing his doors at the end of June and is sending all his regulars to my husband. There are obviously more details involved, but his long standing business has a great reputation in our little town and the personal referral will bring a LOT more business to us! (bring me closer to being the stay at home mommy I dream of being!)

Another great call came in as well, early last year we were selected to be a certified repair shop for a new line of mini bikes, scooters etc. They called to confirm that we are still interested! Their line is due to come out this summer!

We had sugardishme’s chicken satay for dinner last night to celebrate how life is working out for us. It was to die for! The kids, of course, have named it chicken-on-a-stick and have requested that I put it in the family recipe book along with her Chinese Hacked Pork recipe, a.k.a. Ninja Pork.

The recipe book was a gift from my boys the Christmas after my Mom passed, they watched as I made batch after batch of peanut butter fudge trying to find her recipe. They saw me cry, scream and then cry some more. They said that with that book, they wouldn’t have to go through the same thing later. 😦

I did find my moms fudge recipe…….it was on the side of the marshmallow fluff jar. She used peanut butter chips instead of chocolate. I love my Mom!


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