Put a little more fun on the scale!

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Family
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I’ve decided to get back to the basics! Life in general is far to complicated to add to it any more. Here is my plan of attack:

1. I love to cook! So to get back to this joy, each week I will try a new recipe from the many delicious ones listed on http://sugardishme.com/recipes/  I love her blog and her food is always a big hit with the family!

2. I love being out doors. I am going to only turn the TV on if it is raining or dark outside! I can lounge on the swing if I am too tired to work in the yard. 😉  and maybe read a book!?!

3. I am going to plant a garden that is not only functional, but pretty as well! And maybe learn to can my veggies!

4. And in memory of my Pa….I will take my boys fishing, at least twice a month.

5. I am going to buy myself a bicycle! So I can ride with the boys and get some exercise too!

I can spend all my time worrying about tomorrow or I can enjoy today while I have it. I think I can find balance again if I start putting a little more fun on the other side of the scale. Wish me Luck!  🙂

  1. Thanks so much! What a nice compliment! The kitchen is my happy place, too 🙂 Next to that : outside. I get creeped out when I’m home alone though so I always have music or the tv on in the background. I can’t seem to clean anything without auditory distraction. Love this post & lots of luck on your back-to-basics mission 🙂

  2. katiebman says:

    Yay! I love new recipes, too. I cook more in the summer because we’re not so blasted busy. I’ll check out that blog.

    I tried to garden last year. Everything burnt up and my water bill was horrible. My flower beds are now full of bulbs that require little maintenance. And I may do some container veggies. But we hope to be gone a week in July. I’ll rely in the farmers market for most things.

    Fishing has never been my thing. I don’t eat them. I creep out at snakes dropping in the boat. We’ll stick with the occasional hog hunt 🙂

    • jeepnmom says:

      I don’t have an issue with snakes dropping in my boat up here! But that would definitely deter me!

      I hope to have company in July and there is nothing better than a fish fry for the fourth!

  3. katiebman says:

    And I love my tv but I DVR everything and it’s background noise or late night company when Russ is out.

    Canning is so easy! And fun. Audrey helped me with red sauce last summer. Cam helped with all kinds of apple things. It’s a fun family activity. And now I have a pressure canner – vegetables here I come. Let me know if you need some recipes. My red sauce rocks!

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