Finding a balance………

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Family
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I spend the majority of my days trying to find a balance. It could be between work and home, good and bad, cleaning and fun time with my boys, or it can be between teaching morals or living morals.

Drinking and driving is NEVER okay. There are zero circumstances where it is acceptable. This is what I teach my boys, and since my husband and I are not big drinkers, we live that standard every day. But what do you do when you are in a group situation and someone else is teaching by example simply because they are there?

“Mom, what did he put in his coffee? Was that……alcohol?” 

I refuse to lie to my boys so I simply said yes and had hoped to move on from the subject. But he was filling a to-go mug, the group was heading out to the Blessing of Jeeps (hence the name “jeepnmom”). A 30 mile trip from the cabin, including highway (not that it matters what you are driving on). And he was not the only one that was flavoring their cups of joe.

It continued in the jeep as they saw those men getting into the driver side of thier jeeps and leaving the driveway. We had taught them that drinking and driving puts everyone on the road in danger, not just the one who had been drinking, and honestly, they didn’t want us to pull out on the road with them. They kept asking why we were following them and should we slow down etc.

How do I teach them to be a responsible drinker, and yet say nothing when someone I know does something like that? Where does that put me on the scale of good or bad parent? We have met so many wonderful people who share our values from the 4×4 club, but just a couple can ruin the whole thing.

So my husband and I have decided to discontinue our affiliation with the jeep club we had once been proud of, effective immediately.

  1. sturner2 says:

    Being a parent is sometimes difficult. I think you intentionally lead by example. Well done! Here is a post I recalled which may further encourage you,

    • jeepnmom says:

      Thank you! That article was enlightening. I think every parent struggles with finding that balance and taking accountability at home is truely that first step.

  2. katiebman says:

    I think it’s a great thing you’re doing and a great example you’re setting. I’m so proud of your boys!

  3. I’m straight with my kids, too. But I’m also a blabbermouth. I am the one that says something when everyone is thinking it. Let the losers know that people are paying attention, their behavior isn’t acceptable in any social circle and super NOT COOL. I might discontinue affiliation like you, but it would be paired with an explanation next time someone invited us to an outing 🙂 Gold star for you, girl.

  4. jeepnmom says:

    Thank you all so much for the encouragement! And the gold star! 🙂

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