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I have not forgotten about my blog.  I have been trying to figure out how to post pics into my posts from my iphone…..but I have given up on that pipe dream! LOL!

We have recently replaced our out dated computer so I currently have no photos on the computer I use at home. I will, however, download my phone to the new computer this weekend as well as my camera in an attempt to make my blog a little more visually appealing.  And I will post an update post, just one, that will cover all the things I am trying new this year.

I have a pic of the shrimp kabobs I cooked last week. They looked awesome, and the flavor was great….but my family is not a shrimp kabob kind of group, and the kabobs will not make it into the family recipe book. 😦  I will however keep it on hand for me!  I am a shrimp lover!

I also have pics of the garden! It’s beautiful! And since it is part of the getting back to basics program, I feel I need to share those too!

So I have not forgotten, the electronics are causing a delay!


I hope that everyone enjoyed their mother’s day! My family decided to work together and build a garden space for me to have my garden back! I am soooo excted about it…and so are the kids. 🙂 Awesome mother’s day present if you ask me!

So I’ve been cooking again! I forgot how much I loved it! Seeing everyone with smiles on thier face gobbling up everything on their plate….telling me that it needs to be added to the family recipe book. 

They have enjoyed it sooo much, that when I said I would like to go out for mothers day….they were sad! That’s okay! So we made Mom’s awesome burgers on the grill! Nothing special really, I cook the bacon on the grill with the burgers so they get a bit of the bacon flavor. Not as good as adding the bacon to the burger when you make them…but good none the less.

Tonight for dinner we are going to have shrimp kabobs. Veggies separate from the shrimp of course! It’s funny, the boys don’t ask to go out to dinner anymore. I guess I’m doing something right! I will post the turn out with some pics tomorrow. I think I’m finally finding my way back to the basics…and I am soooo much happier for it!

Another shout out to for the inspiration!

I know that life is a challenge, but sometimes I just wish I could have a day where nothing bothered me and my life was like an episode of Leave It To Beaver.

My dream day:

I would wake up to a house that was clean, some laundry waiting to be washed and hung on the line. Dishes that were washed the night before that need to be put away. Everyone in the house still asleep.

I would start the coffee and take a nice hot shower, no rushing. I would get out, dress in comfortable clothes, house still asleep, husband starting to wake. Brush and dry my hair, put on what little makeup I wear and brush my teeth.

By this time the hubby would be awake and getting dressed himself after which we would meet in the kitchen for a quiet cup of coffee together, maybe even sipping it on the porch swing. Soon after, joyful children would emerge from their rooms looking for food.   A family breakfast of real food (not cereal) would complete the morning.

My real Day:

I hop out of bed usually 15 minutes later than I actually want to get up, pee and hit the shower. Completing the task in less than 10 minutes. Shake husband again and remind him that it is his job to wake the boys. Quickly dress into a suit and high heels while I trip over dirty clothes strewn across the room. Blow dry hair while brushing teeth, put on eye liner, forget deodorant, grab phone, and ask husband, (who has returned to bed) if he made the coffee.  Which he answers…No. 

Run to the kitchen reminding the older child we need to leave in 5 while he finishes his bowl of cereal, start coffee, feed dogs, shake child #2 to wake him, all while strategically placing my feet in the spaces of the floor not covered in legos, back packs, blankets, sweat shirts and my husbands wonderfully scented socks. I then rinse my unwashed travel mug and refill with coffee rushing out the door while yelling “I love you! See you after work!”

I would like to share the WONDERFUL news that we received yesterday! First, my husband and I own a small business that is mostly his baby. I do the paperwork and I am searching for my own portion of it so that I can stay at home more!

It is an engine repair shop. Everything from weed whackers to Semi’s! He also does custom fab work and is currently building a tube buggy for rock crawling and trail riding.

The other small engine shop in town is closing his doors at the end of June and is sending all his regulars to my husband. There are obviously more details involved, but his long standing business has a great reputation in our little town and the personal referral will bring a LOT more business to us! (bring me closer to being the stay at home mommy I dream of being!)

Another great call came in as well, early last year we were selected to be a certified repair shop for a new line of mini bikes, scooters etc. They called to confirm that we are still interested! Their line is due to come out this summer!

We had sugardishme’s chicken satay for dinner last night to celebrate how life is working out for us. It was to die for! The kids, of course, have named it chicken-on-a-stick and have requested that I put it in the family recipe book along with her Chinese Hacked Pork recipe, a.k.a. Ninja Pork.

The recipe book was a gift from my boys the Christmas after my Mom passed, they watched as I made batch after batch of peanut butter fudge trying to find her recipe. They saw me cry, scream and then cry some more. They said that with that book, they wouldn’t have to go through the same thing later. 😦

I did find my moms fudge recipe…….it was on the side of the marshmallow fluff jar. She used peanut butter chips instead of chocolate. I love my Mom!

I’ve decided to get back to the basics! Life in general is far to complicated to add to it any more. Here is my plan of attack:

1. I love to cook! So to get back to this joy, each week I will try a new recipe from the many delicious ones listed on  I love her blog and her food is always a big hit with the family!

2. I love being out doors. I am going to only turn the TV on if it is raining or dark outside! I can lounge on the swing if I am too tired to work in the yard. 😉  and maybe read a book!?!

3. I am going to plant a garden that is not only functional, but pretty as well! And maybe learn to can my veggies!

4. And in memory of my Pa….I will take my boys fishing, at least twice a month.

5. I am going to buy myself a bicycle! So I can ride with the boys and get some exercise too!

I can spend all my time worrying about tomorrow or I can enjoy today while I have it. I think I can find balance again if I start putting a little more fun on the other side of the scale. Wish me Luck!  🙂

I spend the majority of my days trying to find a balance. It could be between work and home, good and bad, cleaning and fun time with my boys, or it can be between teaching morals or living morals.

Drinking and driving is NEVER okay. There are zero circumstances where it is acceptable. This is what I teach my boys, and since my husband and I are not big drinkers, we live that standard every day. But what do you do when you are in a group situation and someone else is teaching by example simply because they are there?

“Mom, what did he put in his coffee? Was that……alcohol?” 

I refuse to lie to my boys so I simply said yes and had hoped to move on from the subject. But he was filling a to-go mug, the group was heading out to the Blessing of Jeeps (hence the name “jeepnmom”). A 30 mile trip from the cabin, including highway (not that it matters what you are driving on). And he was not the only one that was flavoring their cups of joe.

It continued in the jeep as they saw those men getting into the driver side of thier jeeps and leaving the driveway. We had taught them that drinking and driving puts everyone on the road in danger, not just the one who had been drinking, and honestly, they didn’t want us to pull out on the road with them. They kept asking why we were following them and should we slow down etc.

How do I teach them to be a responsible drinker, and yet say nothing when someone I know does something like that? Where does that put me on the scale of good or bad parent? We have met so many wonderful people who share our values from the 4×4 club, but just a couple can ruin the whole thing.

So my husband and I have decided to discontinue our affiliation with the jeep club we had once been proud of, effective immediately.