“How’d they get in there?”

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Chaos, Family
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The Grand Plan took a grand flop at my house. Eighty degree days in March cut the program short, and spending all of our time outside left my poor house in shambles as everyone shoved their chores aside in exchange for sun on thier faces.

I can’t blame them really, or myself for that matter. It was worth it! We got alot done in the yard, repaired and installed fence, weeded the flower beds, but now however, I am reminded of the chores left undone as I pull into my garage. My once neat and tidy entry porch, is now a piled up mess once again, and I find myself embarrassed to have unannounced guests.

Glancing at the calendar of events already scheduled, I wonder if I will have the time or the energy to retackle these projects and continue through to the rest of my home. I then wonder….when will it be complete? Might I ask why is it that when everyone in my house needs something they know exactly where it is….but when asked to put it away, it never goes to that place again or they have no idea where to put it at all? Funny how that works.

Last night I told the boys to go through the basket of laundry fresh from the dryer and take care of the ones that belonged to them. My 12 year old jumed to the task and was done in 15 minutes flat. I later found all of his clothes smashed firmly into a drawer not nearly large enough to house them all. Followed up this morning with panicked screeches of “Mom, I don’t have any clean shirts! Or jeans! Did you wash them?” The sound of the dryer door slamming shut completed the request. I responded by walking calmly into his room, removing the partially opened drawer and setting it on his bed.  His reply: “How’d they get in there?”

My 8 year old simply did not want to do it. He got his hangers and began putting all of his shirts on inside out and sideways. When I told him to correct them he promptly got huffy and ran 15 laps around the house for attitude. After a brief training session and his realization that I was not going to do it for him, it only took about 35 minutes for him to hang 2 pair of jeans and 8 shirts. Whew! When I entered his room this morning to exchange his stained play shirt for a clean school shirt, I found the clothes in a pile on the floor of his closet, hangers still on them. A meer 24 inches from the empty bar they were intended to hang from.

I guess I know what I will be doing tonight……

  1. O. M. G. I wish I could post a picture right here of what my 9 year old has done with his clean laundry the last two weeks. It’s insane. I swear this story could have been told by me! Thanks for letting me know I’m not completely crazy, and that my boys aren’t defective… Much appreciation 🙂

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