I think about how wonderful it would be…………….

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Family
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Everyday when I drive to work, I am reminded that equal rights for women allowed me the priviledge to have a job. I am reminded that years ago 1 woman stood up for all women and asked for that right.

I leave my children in the hands of others that I deem capable to watch over them for the 9+ hours that I am unavailable to them. I then spend my nights and weekends cleaning, cooking, doing yard work, taking care of the family pets, helping with homework if needed, scheduling time off to take them to their respective appointments, emailing their teachers after they have gone to bed, and logging in to the teachers logs to check and make sure that they are doing as well as I think in school.

It is at the end of my day (11pm or later) that I remember that 1 woman. And I think about how wonderful it would be to travel back in time to the day she threw her bra on that fire…………..and choke her to death with it!



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