And there is always more……………..

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Chaos, Family
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Ahh…..the pleasures of life! I suppose you never get anything for free, and the fact that I was not a winner in the Mega Millions drawing is proof of that. Somehow, somewhere, there is a cost to everything. 

Life will always throw you a curve ball. Some call it Karma, I call it testing. How will you handle this situation? Because in life, it is how you handle those situations that defines who you are. I guess if I continue with the analogy, if life throws you a curve ball, the type of person you is how you catch the ball and if you throw it at someone else or not.

I’ve always been one of those people who catch and keep. Which ends up causing a lot of stress in my life. I even seem to be the type to jump in front of my friends and family and catch thier curve balls before they ever reach them. I’ve recently decided that needs to stop. But they just catch them and throw them at me. Where I take it apart, divide it into like piles and tackle the problem until there are no more piles left.  The problem….I have a stack of undisected balls of my own. Again, I need to find a way to catch and throw.

I don’t mind being the person everyone relies on to help them. I find it flatering in a way, that so many friends and family trust me that much.  I love them all and I want them to be as happy as I am….and not as stressed. But what I have found is that being the “helper” and the “do-er” are really 2 different things.

I work outside of the home 4 days a week, my husband and I run a business, we have 2 young boys, bills that seem to pile up, and now added to the mix, my 17 year old niece has moved in with us.  This brings on all her curve balls as well. The hardest to disect, the ones from her past that she holds onto like they are gold. The newest, her unexpected pregnancy (thank you recalled birth control) and the baby’s dad.  As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough! 

And there is always more….but it’s not curve balls all the time. There are the evening walks with my husband, flying kites with my boys, ultrasound pictures of the coming baby, bon fires and marshmallow roasting, bike rides and swimming. I just need to find the strength to throw those balls back….without ever looking at them.


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