They ran through the house, guns blazing, swords waving……..

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Chaos, Family
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“They’re not being nice to me!” I heard time and time again from the little blonde haired, blue eyed daughter of our friend. She is 6 and no one ever wants to play nice with her. In reality, no one will ever do exactly as she says.

I had my two boys, 12 and 8. My sisters three, 10 year old girl and 7 year old twin boys, and our fiends two, 6 year old girl and 4 year old son. ALL WEEKEND! The girls are too far apart in age to get along and the boys just don’t want to play house. I can’t understand why.

I had 4 boys running through the house with guns and wooden swords shooting and slicing monsters, a little girl pouting and stomping behind them, and the 2 pre-teens desprately trying to find a place where the other 5 couldn’t find them to hide out.

The hubby has been sick for about 3 weeks and we just found out on Friday that it was pnuemonia. He is not happy. So while the choas was building around him, he attempted to take a nap….in the living room. What was he thinking? After about an hour….he had reached his breaking point.

We routinely use running as a punishment, simply because most of the time, the reason the kids are in trouble is because they have excess energy and seeing as it is winter in Michigan, no where to really burn it off. It gives them exercise too. So really, it’s not that bad. Five laps around our small house take about 7 minutes, if they are actually running.

So out the door, in the dark with every outside light we have on, seven children file out  to run 5 laps. It reminded me of gym class when I was in elementary school. Back when the weather didn’t stop the faculty from sending us outside. The silence was wonderful! The husband dozed off and I was able to clean up the kitchen from all the pizza that had been half eaten. Once I had completed my task I sat in the chair and started to cover up with the lap blanket, then realizing that it had been far to long for 5 laps. I jumped up and ran to the sliding glass door.

I found the older two eating snow with the youngest at the picnic table and the other 4 decided that it was soooo much fun, they were going to try for 20! Apparently my punishment was exactly what they wanted. And they ran, and ran and ran.

But then we realized the problem with them enjoying the running. You see, not everyone had brought snow gear with them for the weekend, so we were not allowing any of them to play outside. So when they wanted out, they ran through the house, guns blazing, swords waving, voices screaming, killing invisible monsters (and me) until Dad could take it no more, and they ran.

Side note….I have realized that I will never own a day care, be a teacher, and that having my tubes tied, was a VERY good idea! 🙂


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