And it was quiet…..

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I just don’t know anymore. It seems as though my days and nights fly by, unnoticed with little to no effort. I can remember a time when life was slower, days sweeter. But I just don’t know where they have gone or if they are coming back.

I’ve got in my head the things that need to get done to reclaim my life, my home as my own again and I have committed myself to making sure that it happens. But what then? After the house is de-cluttered and organized. What will I do then?

Just now I sent the boys outside to play as it is a nice day out ( rare for a day in February in Michigan ) and for about 3 seconds there was a silence in my house. And for those few precious seconds I felt as if the world had slowed. I could breathe again. But then it was over and the chaos began again.

Amidst all the cleaning, organizing, frivolous law suits against myself and my sisters, helping to run my husbands business and hopefully start a branch of my own, I think we have all forgotten the simple pleasures of life.

We’ve lost the sweet joy of a bon fire, hot dogs on the grill, an evening walk and yes even silence. Why is that today we must have noise in order to feel complete? The tv or the radio is on all the time and now even my husband finds it comforting to have the tv on to go to sleep.

I guess I just wish life was more like when I was a kid. There were only 4 tv channels on a clear day and if there wasn’t anything on….the tv was off. We would color at the table quietly because we were actually concentrating on what we’d we’re doing or we would read! Yes I said it. We read books! The kind with pages made of paper. And we liked it!

And it was quiet.

  1. katiebman says:

    And play cards. And harass Brenda. And play outside. And climb trees. I don’t think my monkeys have ever gotten stuck in a tree. It’s sad. They don’t know what they’re missing.

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