Road trip

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Is the whole trip gonna look like this?” is the first and only question I have heard on this trip. We are traveling just south of Indianapolis to pick up a lathe for my husbands business.

So the answer is yes. It is all going to look like massive fields. But the farther south we go the greener it will be. Which as my husband pointed out is putting us all in a better mood but as we return home it will be come browner again and eventually we will begin to see the remains of snow.

It brought back the urge to move again. To leave all the bad memories behind of mistakes made and loved ones lost and start anew. To have that hobby farm we have both dreamed about and live mostly off of what we grow ourselves.

But again my wiser husband reminded me that although we would be leaving behind all the things that remind us of the bad, we would be leaving behind all the things that remind of the good as well.

And so I sit, waiting to have this thing loaded on the trailer, awaiting to start the ride home. Realizing that a dream of a hobby farm is just that, a dream. That I will forever be residing in the place I call home, because it is my home. And that’s okay.

  1. katiebman says:

    Or you could make a new home here. I miss you! Time for your farm…..

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