Halfway to 70

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Just me

On my way to work today I realized that I will be turning 35 on Friday. A fact I don’t want to get out! I have my kids believing that I will forever be 29 and someday they will be older than me. 🙂

That puts me halfway to 70. A realization that my mortality is real. Mid-life crisis? No. I don’t plan on going out and buying clothes that are too young for me to wear, a convertable or motorcycle. My reality is that my mother passed away 3 months and 11 days before her 70th birthday. It makes me wonder if I will make it to mine.

She was a smoker to her last day, and I, unfortunately, have followed in her foot steps. My fear is that I will inevitably suffer that same fate. Thus, forcing my boys  to suffer the same sadness that I did when she passed.

So I decided to quit smoking for good. Not that I can reverse the damage that I have already done for the past 20 years, but maybe I can be healthier to fight what ever I have caused when it comes. The next 35 years of my life need to better spent.



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