Why do I try to understand?

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Random crap
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So along with just trying to deal with the loss of my parents, I get the pleasure of being sued by my Pa’s kids. Not that it is any big surprise….Pa told us they would. But it is just silly. They have no legal standing in it, and yet they continue with it. Listing witnesses that they failed to ask if they would be witnesses, listing themselves when they were never there. But we press on.

But it really got me when I went to speak with my Uncle and found out that they did approach him but got angry and hateful when he declined to be pulled into the middle of it. Which I understand completely why he would not want to be involved. Pa’s brother and my Dad’s sister are married. Conflict of interest seeing as he is family to both sides. Not that I would ever want him to take sides. I guess that’s the difference between us though.

I just don’t know why I try to understand them? In a time that we should be family, supporting each other in the loss of our parents, they retreated from us, (not us from them) and became hateful and greedy, when there is nothing to gain. They spent everything they had. Don’t blame them at all for that. They saved for their retirement and lived every moment of that retirement exactly the way they wanted! Together!


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