Winter Storm Warning

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Just me
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I live in Michigan, so it is not uncommon for there to be a winter storm warning, and usually it’s a big flop to the hype that the weather peeps put on it. 6-10 inches of snow is not a big deal.

I was at work in Kalamazoo when the “storm” started to move in. Again, no big deal. I have a 4 wheel drive as many do in Michigan and I know to slow down, keep room between you and the vehicle in front of you, etc. etc. etc.

The “storm” began with rain as it has been unseasonably warm for Michigan this time of year. About the time I left for home, the snow had began to fall. As I walked to my car I started to plan my trip home. I thought I should probably stop and grab some milk, not that I was afraid to go out later in the snow, but because I do not work on Fridays and have a lot of cleaning to do for the NYGP to stay on track. I do not plan on leaving my post tomorrow. I also noted that I was low on cigs (bad habit I am trying to break) but again I do not plan on leaving my post in the living room until it is clean and organized.

I got in my car and started driving home. The roads were not bad, just wet from rain, but the temp was dropping and I knew that they would be slick later tonight and through tomorrow. Not a problem for me, but for others it is.  It was then that I reached for my phone.

I thought I had better call mom and see if she needed anything. I knew that she would not go out in the snow for anything and would simply make do with what she had. I also knew that she would not call and ask tomorrow for me to go get her anything because she wouldn’t want me out on the roads either. But I knew that if I called her while I was out, and I was out because I had no option seeing as I was at work, that she would have a list of miscellaneous items that she would need.

That’s when reality creeped in and I remembered that she would not need anything, because she was gone. And then I remembered that it had been just over a year and a half that she has been gone. The wound opened and my heart began to hurt again, just like it was yesterday. I could not call her, I could not hear her voice, I could not stop by and see her while I dropped off her needed supplies.

This is a step better than I was before however, this time I did not dial her number, and listen to the voice tell me that it had been disconnected. I simply reached for the phone, and then sadly set it back down on the seat.


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