Dropping energy level…

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Just me
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So today at work I could hardly focus on my job and only thought of what needed to be done at home. It was a crazy afternoon at work and I did get quite a bit of work done.

Armed with the ambition to get home and get things done I headed in that direction. Arriving home in to my lovely entry way I was boosted with even more ambition to make the rest of the house look as good.

But before I could get my coat off my phone rang. It is my hubby, stuck in a truck with three little ones on the side of the road with zero gas in the tank. The trip back from the bus stop went horribly wrong. So off I went to rescue him. His trucks gas gauge has been acting up, it says it has a quarter of a tank when in reality, it has none. Put a gallon of gas in and start the truck…it will tell you it’s time to get some. He was not happy.

After returning home my energy level dropped. I just wanted to go to bed and start again tomorrow. But I pressed on, cooking dinner, did 2 loads of laundry (completely), unloaded and loaded and ran the dishwasher and then unloaded it again, gathered all the burnables and took them out to the boiler, and took the bottles and cans out to the garage.

Now here I sit, in the living room, in which I did clean up a bit (its a start), blogging. And he starts in on me wanting to know what I am doing and why. I don’t know why. I put my day out there, and I wait to see what happens. I don’t ask him why he sits on the toilet reading magazines he has read a thousand times and honestly I don’t want to know.


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